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Here Is A List Of The Top Revenue and Profit Sharing Earnings Including AdHitProfits & AdziBiz


Ending 24 Hrs 6:30 AM 7/12/13

AdSpacePro Lauches Monday by Invitation. This is just an info page. You cannot sign up at it. http://hyp.la/BCDJIFB    This could out perform EmpowerNetwork

AdHitProfits - 0.37%

AdZiBiz - 1.11%

AdProjectX - 1%

RevAdNetwork - 2.4%

Last 6 days:
UTSProfitAds - 0.53%

Ending 24 Hrs 6:30 AM 7/13/13

AdHitProfits - 0.04%

AdZiBiz - 0.57%

AdProjectX - 0.04%

RevAdNetwork - 8.7%

UTSProfitAds - 0.15%


Also, AddWallet is Re-Launching with a lot of upgrades Monday.

I have a good solid leadership position with all the above and if you are sponsor shopping we welcome you. Just send an email. I will leave my phone number buy you may need to leave me a message.
The information above was collected by my friend Dennis Funk and his back ground is an Engineer. But you still need to do your own due diligence.
Jim Wood
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AdziBiz Is Heading Down Fast…I Am Taking My Money Out As Fast As I Can. AdHitProfits Stablizes

There is a glitch in AdziBiz system that you need to know about. In your settings you need to send a support ticket in to put your email of your payment processor. Mine got deleted some how in the back office so I can not withdraw any money until AdziBiz correct the problem.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait the lower the payout is going to be and we have no transparency of this company. We don’t even know whether they are a real business or just a privately held business.

The figures below is from a friend of mine and we are not certifying any of these figures. You should do your own due diligence.

AdHitProfits Fastest Growing Revenue Sharing

AdHitProfits went through a similar downturn. The main difference in the two companies is that AdHitProfits has full transparency and the Founder Charles Scoville does daily and weekly webinars to give updates to all the members and affiliates. 

I also want to advise everyone that they need to be careful when looking at AddWallet. Lots of strange things happening there.

Earnings Per Share
19.00  24 hour period ending 6/25/13
20.00  24 hour period ending 6/26/13
12.4   24 hour period ending 6/27/13
6.74   24 hour period ending 6/28/13
5.12   24 hour period ending 6/29/13
6.84   24 hour period ending 6/30/13
5.60   24 hour period ending   7/1/13
4.54   24 hour period ending   7/2/13
4.40   24 hour period ending   7/3/13
3.89   24 hour period ending   7/4/13
2.07   24 hour period ending   7/5/13
1.62   24 hour period ending   7/6/13



AdziBiz Starts Rumors About AdHitProfits…

I relate what is going on with AdHitProfits to a new restaurant coming into town. They all start off with a bang if they are a top of the line restaurant.

The regular top restaurants will suffer a loss of customers until the newness of the other restaurant wears off.

What they don’t normally do is try to ruin the reputation of the other restaurant. It works the same way in life…if you find someone talking bad about the competition then they will ruin their customer base.

AdHitProfits is here to stay. The company is fully transparent, solid advertising model and keeping the affiliates informed. Plus they now have over 32,000 affiliates and paid out over 9 million dollars in less than 3 months.

There is another marketing company that launched about the same time as AdHitProfits, I think the name is Leaf and they were bragging about paying our commissions of 500k in 3 months. AdHitProfits has paid out over 18 times that amount is less time.

Here is a short video of AdHitProfits Owner, Charles Scoville explaining what the competition is doing.

Charles Scoville has started offering Pay Per Click for the advertising customers. Here is a definition of Pay Per Click:

“Pay per click From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”
Pay-per-click (PPC) (also called cost per click) is an internet
advertising model used to direct
traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher (typically a
website owner) when the ad is clicked.
Websites that utilize PPC ads will display an advertisement usually in
designated areas on a website dependent on the banner size purchased/being used.
Cost per click, are used to assess the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet
marketing. Clicks are a way to measure attention and interest in your online opportunities.
In the flat-rate PPC model, the advertiser and publisher agree upon a fixed amount that will be
paid for each click. “Pay per click From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”

Jim Wood



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The True Facts About Why AdHitProfits Slows Down…(My Opinion)


As we all know AdHitProfits has come a long way in less than 3 months. Over $9,000,000 paid out to the affiliates and over 31,000 affiliates in this short time.

I think Charles Scoville has done a real good job at creating this company.

I think the reason for the slow down is that there was a great deal of income when all the affiliates came on board with purchasing of advertising shares (nothing to do with stock shares). This also generated more affiliates to share in the income.

The revenue paid to affiliates goes through cycles although the total for the company may increase, the revenue to the affiliates may decrease because now there are more affiliates to share in the revenue.

Here is what has to be done, the revenue has to outgrow the number of affiliates in proportion. Charles Scoville has taken steps to make this happen when he started pay-per-click this week. This will make advertising cost less for the consumer and bring in more customers and in turn bring in more revenue to the company.

Having said all that, you gotta realize that the word will get around fast that AdHitProfits is growing very fast world wide. Here is today’s Alexa Ranking for today:

Site Information for adhitprofits.com

 Alexa Traffic Rank: 1,895 United States Flag Traffic Rank in US: 1,529
This is one of the main categories that advertisers look at when deciding where to spend their advertising dollars.
Get with the person that invited you to take a look at our company and if you are sponsor shopping we will be glad to work with you and help getting you  a Internet Presence.
A good backup Profit Sharing Company is AdziBiz  It is on a surge now and is a clone of AdHitProfits

Latest Update For AdHitProfits With Owner Charles Scoville Webinar Video

Lots of copycats out there now and we are the “McDonalds Of Revenue Sharing”

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AdHitProfits Now Over 27000 and Only 3 Months In Business…Here Are Country Stats


AdHitProfits WorldWide

AdHitProfits WorldWide

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Total paid members: 27830

How many PAID members in YOUR country?

United States 6401
Poland 3730
United Kingdom 2123
Indonesia 1696
Portugal 1058
Canada 762
India 652
France 614
Australia 607
Nigeria 606
Germany 512
Turkey 464
Thailand 450
Philippines 400
Pakistan 340
Netherlands 331
Hungary 312
Italy 301
Russian Federation 278
Israel 262
Sweden 211
Czech Republic 196
Spain 193
Cyprus 193
Ireland 188
Belgium 178
Ukraine 174
Greece 173
Brazil 171
Taiwan 168
Ghana 150
South Africa 140
China 132
Cambodia 126
Malaysia 119
New Zealand 112
Norway 111
Japan 97
United Arab Emirates 96
Croatia 94
Singapore 87
Europe 84
Switzerland 74
Serbia 73
Vietnam 72
Austria 68
Slovakia 64
Trinidad and Tobago 63
Egypt 58
Jamaica 50
Saudi Arabia 46
Slovenia 41
Finland 41
Romania 41
Bulgaria 41
Bahamas 37
Korea, Republic of 37
Uganda 37
Lithuania 35
Denmark 35
Iceland 34
Hong Kong 31
Mexico 29
Latvia 27
Bangladesh 26
Kazakhstan 26
Cameroon 24
Colombia 23
Morocco 20
Virgin Islands, British 19
Peru 17
Kenya 16
Macedonia 16
Bosnia and Herzegovina 16
Barbados 15
Algeria 15
Dominican Republic 14
Estonia 13
Bahrain 12
Botswana 12
Georgia 12
Martinique 12
Azerbaijan 12
Dominica 12
Argentina 11
Anonymous Proxy 10
Belarus 9
Venezuela 9
Qatar 9
French Polynesia 9
Panama 9
Cote D’Ivoire 8
Saint Lucia 8
Kuwait 8
Costa Rica 7
Sri Lanka 7
Togo 7
Montenegro 6
Puerto Rico 6
Luxembourg 6
Benin 6
Guadeloupe 6
Moldova, Republic of 6
Tunisia 5
Zimbabwe 5
Nepal 5
Haiti 5
Malta 5
Brunei Darussalam 5
Armenia 4
Belize 4
Guyana 4
Mauritius 4
Ecuador 3
Virgin Islands, U.S. 3
Saint Kitts and Nevis 3
Uruguay 3
Antigua and Barbuda 3
Jordan 3
Madagascar 3
Swaziland 3
Iran, Islamic Republic of 3
Chile 3
Solomon Islands 2
Netherlands Antilles 2
Albania 2
Satellite Provider 2
Namibia 2
Bolivia 2
Jersey 1
Burkina Faso 1
Macau 1
Myanmar 1
Palestinian Territory 1
New Caledonia 1
Guatemala 1
Bermuda 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Zambia 1
Rwanda 1
Ethiopia 1
Turks and Caicos Islands 1
Uzbekistan 1
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1
Tanzania, United Republic of 1
Nicaragua 1
Faroe Islands 1
Anguilla 1
Aland Islands 1
Guernsey 1
Afghanistan 1
Aruba 1
Angola 1
Mongolia 1

AdHitProfits WorldWide

AdHitProfits WorldWide

Revenue Sharing Beats Out Profit Sharing. They Are Trying To Clone AdHitProfits…Some Look Good



Revenue Sharing is making the profit sharing look like a jackass. You may ask why but I must also say that I am only speaking of the ones that are not scams.

I have a team of folks that do the due diligence and they know what they are doing..so far, out of all the deals on the table there are only two others that even come close to AdHitProfits and I decided to join them and buy a couple of shares. Here are the new ones that I joined:

http://www.utsprofitads.com/?cashflow  Looks like a good site with a lot of work into it.
http://adzibiz.com/ehfYm  This one looks like a clone for AdHitProfits…noticed some downtime. They are probably still working on it. Looks good and functions just about like AdhitProfits.


One example of profit sharing is AddWallet. I am also an affiliate but I wonder who owns it and who makes the decisions.

When it first started, the affiliates were able to take out as much as 75% and repurchase only 25%. Without even telling the affiliates until they already did it, they put everyone on 100% repurchase. The earnings for me went from about $35 daily to $4 daily with no explanation from the company except some lame excuse about security.

Why didn’t they just come out and say that they did not have enough money to pay…well I hope they do better but not telling the folks what is going on is not the way to operate.

If you want to see how a company is run the right way check out this video that my partner, Glen Woodfin and Owner Charles Scoville did when we first joined the AdHitProfits less than four weeks ago.

After just four weeks I am at 200 shares earning over $200 per day while keeping the business center growing. I have not found any revenue or profit sharing company that will compare.

We welcome anyone to join our team and we offer the best Internet support available. God Bless

 Jim & Betty 864-612-6111 or assetswork@gmail.com

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AdHitProfits Has A CopyCat…Check Out UTSProfitsAds

AdHitProfits is growing faster than any company that I have ever been associated with. Now the copycats are coming out…but here is the good news, they are all advertising on our website.

Join Ad Hit Profits

Fastest Daily Revenue Sharing Program On The Internet Today

Talking about growth, they are making us grow even faster than ever. Here is my link if you want to join at no cost and kick the tires. AdHitProfits

I did join UTSProfitsAds to see what they are all about. So far they look pretty legit…again you can join for free and kick the tires. I would suggest getting at least a $20 ad pack and check it out. 

I am telling my team to be sure not to lose focus but with the money they are making with AdHitProfits we don’t need to worry.

I am posting a link to last nights webinar to give you some insight to Charles Scoville and his character and knowledge of this industry. 

Most companies owners hide behind some corporate veil but now Charles, he did about 20 minutes of updates and then opened the webinar up of questions until all were answered.


Jim Wood
2315 Reidville Rd
Spartanburg, SC 29301
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